What is Classical Liberalism?

I’m often asked what a classical liberal is. I find this video explains what a classical liberal is very well.

In it Dr. Nigel Ashford explains the 10 core principles of the classical liberal & libertarian view of society and the proper role of government:

  1. Liberty as the primary political value
  2. Individualism
  3. Skepticism about power
  4. Rule of Law
  5. Civil Society
  6. Spontaneous Order
  7. Free Markets
  8. Toleration
  9. Peace
  10. Limited Government

Universities Should Promote Freedom of Association


I just wrote a new post at Missouri Alliance for Freedom

Each year high school graduates pack their cars to overflowing and head off to one of Missouri’s fine institutions of higher learning. They take this step to acquire the knowledge they need to move into the career of their choice and down the path to success.

While at college these students will form lasting friendships with their fellow classmates and possibly raise their families together, go to church together, maybe become involved in a civic project together, or even start a not-for-profit together to help the less fortunate.

Some of these friendships are made in the classroom and studying with one another for finals. It is also likely many of these strong friendships were made when students sought out a campus organization that peeked a personal interest. Continue reading