Local Control, Not Local Tyranny


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Several years ago I had the opportunity to sit on the Board of Adjustments for the City of Springfield. The board heard appeals from residents about decisions made by Planning and Zoning.

On one occasion, the City of Springfield told a resident their new garage was three inches too high. The city requested the resident either lower their garage or rebuild it.

They appealed and the board unanimously voted to approve the appeal. It was crazy for the city to ask a resident to spend $30,000…for three inches hurting no one.

This is an example of both local tyranny and local control. Wayward city employees held back by a board of fellow residents – neighbors.

I don’t know a conservative that does not believe local control is important. Who better to run counties, cities, police, and schools than members of that community? Who’s going to be more accountable – your neighbor or a faceless bureaucrat in Jefferson City?

It’s an easy concept to understand and that’s why the state allows local governments to manage many services.

But at times, local governments do get carried away. Continue reading

You Just Need a Doctor


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If you’ve been listening to a progressive discuss healthcare recently you have likely heard of the “healthcare gap”. This coverage gap between when Medicaid coverage ends and subsidies for insurance premiums begin was formed by progressives to force states to increase their Medicaid coverage. This “gap” would not exist had the progressives in the US Congress and our sitting president not created it.

Progressives refer to this gap when attempting to show conservatives as heartless and uncaring, especially when conservative states don’t give in to their attempted use of force.

We must admit the cost of healthcare has been on the rise for some time now. Healthcare spending made up only 3 percent of GDP in 1980 but is now 7.54 percent of GDP.

We DO need help! Continue reading

Union Myth: Right-To-Work Creates Freeloaders


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Freeload: to get or ask for things from people without paying for them.

Unions often refer to the term freeloader in their opposition to Right-to-work. Their argument is that if Right-to-work passes the unions will be required to represent non-union members. Unions claim that it is unfair to force dues-paying members to cover the costs of representing non-members.

We agree. No union should be forced to represent non-members.

Fortunately, unions have a choice in who they represent.

It is likely that if you pulled up a union contract in Missouri you would find language similar to the following: Continue reading

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder statement on Gov. Nixon’s veto of Right to Work bill

Lt Gov Peter Kinder

Lt Gov Peter Kinder

JEFFERSON CITY — Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder today issued the following statement regarding Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of Right to Work legislation in Missouri.

“Once again, Governor Nixon is standing in the way of economic development, putting his personal politics ahead of a widely supported reform that will help Missouri attract jobs and provide more opportunities for our workers.

“Volvo recently announced it will build a new plant in South Carolina, creating 4,000 jobs. Once again, a manufacturer bypassed Missouri for a right-to-work state. With six of our eight neighboring states already benefiting from freedom to work legislation, Missouri is at an economic disadvantage that must be reversed. Missouri has a well-trained workforce and great resources, but we have been told time and again by site-selection consultants that companies pass over non-right to work states, no matter their qualifications. That is why we worked so hard to pass right to work this year. A right to work law is a crucial tool for economic development and for attracting much-needed manufacturing jobs to Missouri. I ask our legislators to stand together and override the governor’s veto.”

For more of Lt. Governor Kinder’s views on right to work, go to his op-ed, which was published online Tuesday at The Daily Caller.

Would you leave your job for less pay?


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All too often the left wants to vilify supporters of Right-to-Work as anti-family and anti-worker. Nothing could be further from the truth and many of us support this issue because we want a state with greater economic prosperity for our families and workers, not less.

I am fortunate to have a good family that has shown me firsthand the positives of working in a union.

Many in my family are highly skilled and could easily build a quality home with just a set of blueprints and materials. They take great pride in their work and have instilled their strong work ethic in the succeeding generation, taught us the importance of taking pride in our work, and always perform to our fullest potential.

Why would I support legislation that would diminish their ability to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and provide for the needs of their family…my family?

I wouldn’t. Continue reading

Will Facebook Have to Charge You a 911 System Fee


A proposal may soon be taken up by the Missouri House to increase the monthly fees your household pays to maintain the 911 emergency system.

House Bill 714, sponsored by Jeanie Lauer, was likely crafted to deal with the inevitable demise of the landline phone.

Personally, I haven’t had a landline phone for fifteen years…and why would I? When my phone rang it was either a telemarketer or a robo-dialing politician. Everyone that knows me has my cell phone number.

911 systems have long been funded using fees on landline phone services. This was great when landlines were the only mode of communication outside of sending a written letter. But over the past several years we’ve given up our landlines and the revenues they brought in for 911 systems have been on the decline.

It is easy to recognize that the old funding method is obsolete and changes need to be made.

I also understand what HB714 is attempting to accomplish – moving the 911 system fees from landline phones to mobile phones and VOIP phone lines, often provided by internet providers like CenturyLink or Mediacom and third party services like Vonage or Ooma.

This would seem to make sense. We’re gathering our fees from a technology going obsolete so let’s switch it to the new technology taking its place.

If this bill were to pass I would presumably owe a fee of $1.50 for my cell phone, my wife’s cell phone, and for a number I have with Vonage. That’s $4.50 each month I’d owe in 911 system fees.

But is that all? Continue reading

Transparency at the Expense of Freedom


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I’m told some in the General Assembly are wanting to renew discussion on HB 222 when the legislature returns from spring break next week.

HB 222 forces corporations, including not-for-profits, to disclose their donors to the Missouri Ethics Commission if they participate in campaign type activities.

Traditionally, the desire to remove anonymity in political speech has always come from those in power.

These attempts may be seen throughout our history – from the 1735 Zenger trial when the Crown attempted to force a printer to disclose a client to the 1995 Supreme Court case involving Margaret McIntyre, an elderly woman attacked by the Ohio Ethics Commission for her opposition to a local school tax levy. (Judge Clarence Thomas’ remarks on this case are recommended reading)

Most threats to anonymity are proposed by those in power wishing to exert force on those not, and HB 222 is no exception. Continue reading

Open Letter to Missouri’s Republican Governor Candidates


This is important. I feel it needs to be said and I believe most Republicans from across our great state share similar thoughts.

I should preface that I like both of you.

I have no ill will to either. I have met and gotten to know both of you during my short time in Missouri politics.

I like you both.

When I think ahead to what Missouri would look like with either of you at the helm, I honestly don’t see much of a difference.

Working with the super majorities in the Missouri House and Senate I’m sure you’ll both sign nearly identical pieces of legislation to move our state forward, increase economic freedom, protect the rights of our citizens, and lower citizens’ tax liabilities to the state.

Because of this, I also understand the difficultly to differentiate yourselves from one another. Continue reading

Missouri Progressives Bully to Get Their Way #moleg


Missouri’s progressives again went to bullying to get their way yesterday.

Progress Missouri records video of committee hearings they know they can splice up and feed to their minions.

That’s fine. No thoughts or feelings on that. It is what it is.

The Missouri House is fairly lenient. Last I checked it was up to the committee chairs who records but I think most don’t mind or care. I might be wrong there so double check me.

Yesterday Progress Missouri wanted to record in the Senate.

Now – before I go any further – this is not about whether such recordings should be allowed. I really don’t feel strongly one way or the other. Personally, I may even lean that such recordings should be allowed more often than not.

The issue is the blatant lies and bullying tactics they use to try and get their way. Continue reading