I am the Missouri State Director for Americans for Prosperity. I lead a talented team empowering others to advocate for freedom.

Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and where you are.

My name is Jeremy Cady. I’ve been working in policy and campaigns for over a decade. I both advocate, and train others, to remove the many barriers government places between you and prosperity, often in violation of your God-given rights.

In my free time I enjoy a great book (and even some not-so great books), building websites and apps using modern JavaScript, or jumping into an MMO.

I currently live in Jefferson City with my wife and daughters.

What I Do

Train Activists

Run Campaigns

Government Affairs

Build Coalitions

My Past Experiences

Legislative Director at Missouri Alliance for Freedom
(2014 – 2016)
I spent most of my time in the Missouri Capitol Building lobbying for conservative issues like ending cronyism, supporting the 2nd Amendment and life, and protecting privacy.

Technology Director at Missouri Republican Party
(2013 – 2014)
I assisted campaigns across the state implement the technology and analyze the data needed to win.

Chief of Staff at Speaker Pro Tem
(2009 – 2013)
Most of my duties were to produce a smooth process in the House Chamber, ensuring the legislative priorities of the Republican Caucus were passed.