Reflection on our Digital Declutter

This September, Heidi and I read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Newport first shows how our digital environment has stolen our attention and diverted it too often meaningless and wasteful activities. Often, social media is described as the worse offender. But, I’m sure we can add several other activities, like television, gaming, or endlessly searching shopping apps.Continue reading “Reflection on our Digital Declutter”

Installing NPM Globals without Sudo

I recently purchased and set up my new iMac. I might write something on the machine itself at some point and how it performs compared to my old MacBook Pro, but today I’m discussing NPM. Before setup, I had come across an article from Andrew Crites, Don’t use sudo with npm. In my MacBook, I thinkContinue reading “Installing NPM Globals without Sudo”

Full Stack React App

This application allows users to sign up and create available courses for others. The REST API portion of the application is served on Node.js using Express, Sequelize ORM, and sqlite. It handles GET, POSTS, PUT, and DELETE and returns a proper response. If data fails validation protocols, errors are returned. React was used to designContinue reading “Full Stack React App”

Investing between the Lines

In my desire to reach financial independence, I am on a mission to increase my investing knowledge. I’ve read several books on the subject, and Laura Rittenhouse’s Investing Between the Lines just happened to be the next book on my “investing” reading list. Understanding the management that operates a business is essential to the researchContinue reading “Investing between the Lines”

Should We Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Almost 250 years ago, our fledgling nation declared its independence from Britain. Our forefathers set in motion an experiment of freedom and prosperity that we continue today. Over the years, the significance of this start has faded among Americans. It’s hard to believe many truly reflect on Independence Day’s importance while prioritizing their bbq, drunkness,Continue reading “Should We Celebrate the Fourth of July?”

Ahmaud Arbery Should Be Alive

It took me some time before I watched the video. I don’t take pleasure in these sorts of things, but as the story grew, I wanted to be informed. What happened to Ahmaud Arbery is a tragedy, and should be treated as such.  In a video that was released, Arbery was walking down the road andContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery Should Be Alive”

Wearing a Mask: Christian or Communist

The following isn’t a post I thought I would have to write until I saw some of the responses to my position on wearing masks. I’m a member of a few groups that want to restart Missouri’s economy. Ending the blanket lockdowns is a worthy cause; otherwise, we’ll soon see poverty take hold in ourContinue reading “Wearing a Mask: Christian or Communist”