From 300 to 800 – My Financial Journey

I usually take time on January 1 each year, when not putting away Christmas decorations, to reflect on the growth I’ve made in key areas over the past year. I think over items like faith, family, health, work, leadership, and the subject of this post, my finances. Where was I? What was my goal? DidContinue reading “From 300 to 800 – My Financial Journey”

Reflection on our Digital Declutter

This September, Heidi and I read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Newport first shows how our digital environment has stolen our attention and diverted it too often meaningless and wasteful activities. Often, social media is described as the worse offender. But, I’m sure we can add several other activities, like television, gaming, or endlessly searching shopping apps.Continue reading “Reflection on our Digital Declutter”