Pharmaphobia: How the Conflict of Interest Myth Undermines American Medical Innovation


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Pharmaphobia describes how an ideological crusade, stretching over the last quarter-century, has used distortion and flawed logic to make medical innovation even harder in a misguided pursuit of theoretical professional purity. Bureaucrats, reporters, politicians, and predatory lawyers have built careers attacking the medical products industry, belittling its critical contributions to medical innovation and accusing it of non-existent malfeasance: overselling product value, flaunting safety, and corrupting physicians and academics who partner with it. The mania has imposed conflict-of-interest regulations limiting or banning valuable interactions between industry and physicians and researchers and diverting scarce resources from innovation to compliance. The victims are patients suffering from cancer, dementia, and other serious diseases for which new treatments are delayed, reduced, or eliminated as a result of these pointless regulations. With breathtaking detail, Thomas Stossel shows how this attack on doctors who work with industry limits medical innovation and inhibits the process of bringing new products into medical care.

Condition: Good. The dust cover has some stains and “rubbing” wear along the edges. Some of the pages at the center of the book have some deformation, likely dropped onto something. It appears to be signed by the author, so if your name is Virginia and you want to give this book to Stan, this might be a great opportunity.

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