The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It


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The gravest threat to American democracy is the supreme power of judges over political, social, and economic policy. In this bracing indictment, Phyllis Schlafly exposes the court’s fifty-year conquest of legislative authority, made possible by presidents, congressmen, and voters who surrendered without a fight. The Supremacists is both a warning that self-government is in peril and a battle plan for overthrowing the tyranny of judges.

The Constitution’s system of checks and balances between the three branches of government has been an illusion for decades. The reality is an increasingly brazen judicial supremacy. Judges dictate fundamental social policy, impose taxes, manage schools and prisons, and orchestrate elections. In short, Americans have exchanged the rule of law for the rule of judges.

The Supremacists begins with a survey of a half-century of judicial legislation. Chapter by chapter Schlafly reveals the astonishing scope of judicial ambition. Without any constitutional mandate, judges have banned the public recognition of God, redefined marriage, undermined national sovereignty, released a flood of pornography, institutionalized feminist dogma, and handicapped law enforcement.

But Schlafly’s most startling revelation is the origin of judicial supremacy. The tyranny of judges stems not from the modest claims of Marbury v. Madison but from the infamous Dred Scott decision?the most carefully concealed skeleton in the judicial supremacists closet. In spite of everything, Schlafly concludes, the Constitution is on democracy’s side. It provides all the tools necessary if only we’ll use them to rescue America from the tyranny of judges.

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