Using Logitech G600 on Mac

Logitech G600 Mouse

EDIT: I don’t believe this works any longer.

Jumping into an operation last night I quickly came to the realization that my Logitech G600 mouse was no longer working correctly.

The side keys bound to 1 through 12 on my first hotbar worked fine. My issue was using hotbars two and three which are bound to shift+ and command+, respectively. AOEs and heals would have to be manually clicked for this run.

Not ideal.

Afterward, I decided to do some troubleshooting.

Opening G Hub, I saw the G600 but it was giving my the “unplug and replug in your device” warning. After doing so about five times, I realized the advice wasn’t suited for this issue.

Restart. Everything fixes itself after a good restart.


Okay Reddit, here I come.

Turns out, Logitech no longer supports Macs, especially those who have upgraded to Big Sur. You heard that right. It’s too difficult for Logitech to keep ensuring you can press shift+1 on your mouse.

The quick update I allowed before jumping into my operation last night killed my mouse. I would be doomed to use only one hotbar for the rest of my life – or until I purchased a Razer.

However, I found their old support software so I thought I would give it a go, and I think I may have found a combination that works. Below I’m sharing my steps with you in case you found yourself in the same circumstance.

I’ve only used this on my system so I have no idea if it would work for you. So keep that in mind.

First, I removed all of Logitech’s software. You’ll need to go to a few different locations to make sure you get it all.

In Finder, I first went to Applications and deleted Logitech G Hub. Then in Applications > Utilities, you may find a few more like the LCC Connection Utility, LCC Uninstaller, Logi Options Uninstaller, Logitech Unifying software.

I ran the uninstallers and then removed manually removed what was left.

I went to the root directory, go to Library/Application Support and remove the Logitech folder. I then went to Users/my user/Library/Application Support and removed the Logitech folder. If Users/myuser/Library is a hidden folder, use command + shift + .

It appears the Logitech Control Center version 3.9.14 is what killed my mouse. Why it took this long for my system to upgrade to that version, I don’t know. I know their servers don’t like my VPN, so maybe that saved me a little longer.

I installed 3.9.11, which can be found on Logitech’s support site. 3.9.14 shows at the top, but you will see the “Show All Downloads” buttons if you scroll below it. Choose MacOs 11.0, the latest version of Mac Os that Logitech found easy enough to allow one to use the shift+1 combo. Clicking this button will show the 3.9.11 version below.

I’ve uploaded the file here if they remove this at some point, but I highly recommend you get it from the source while available.

From there, I downloaded and installed G Hub again. Originally, I thought I was installing an older version to go with the 3.9.11 controller but it turns out Logitech setup the installer to only grab the most recent version, at this time it is 2021.7.91.

As soon as it finished installing I opened the G Hub settings and unchecked Enable Automatic Updates.

I also opened my Firewall (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall) and opened the Firewall Options.

Using the ‘+’ button, I added all of the Logitech software and selected “Block incoming connections” next to each.

I’m hopeful this keeps these items from updating again.

In some distant future, if Logitech finds the courage to jump into Big Sur again and allow me to click shift+1, I’ll go through and remove these and update my software.

After setup, a quick restart is required.

When my iMac started back up, my LCC was still sitting at 3.9.11. Opening G Hub I found my G600 properly connected and hopped into a game real quick to ensure it worked. Pressing shift+1 I found myself basking in an aura of damage reduction.

If you found a better way to keep your Logitech devices working, feel free to let me know. If this was helpful, do the same.

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